Parent Organization: University of Wisconsin - Madison

Membership Requirements (for example: GPA requirements, membership fees)

Membership is open to any enrolled UW-Madison student who is at least half-time student, is interested in engineering and science, is willing to actively participate in group activities, and is interviewed or approved by the president.

Which of these most accurately describes the student membership of your organization (not including non-student members)?

Open to Undergraduate Students only

If you have Local, National, or International Affiliation, please list your parent organization here (e.g., Habitat for Humanity (UW-Madison Chapter) would list that they are an affiliate of Dane County Habitat for Humanity).

If you do not have any affiliation to a larger organization, type N/A.


Committee on Student Organizations (CSO) Judicial Status:
If field reads "No Response", the Student Organization is in good standing with UW-Madison. This field is for administrative use only.

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Advisor Information
Please provide the following information about your organization advisor.  

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Jae K. Park

Address 409 w johnson street
Apt 342
Madison, WI 53703
Phone Number P:(608) 358-2165