Parent Organization: University of Wisconsin - Madison

The CALS Student Association shall be an organized, unified voice for all students interested in agricultural and life sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The purpose of the association shall be to develop student leaders and promote agriculture, the life sciences, and the Wisconsin Idea in academia and the community.



Please refer to http://sc.cals.wisc.edu/ for more information.



1. Create lasting and meaningful connections among students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community interested in agricultural and life sciences.

2. Discover and advocate questions of policy pertinent to the quality of education at University of Wisconsin- Madison.

3. Provide opportunities and resources for students to grow in both their behavioral and conceptual understanding of leadership.

4. Improve and serve the community through educational programming and involvement in campus issues.

Membership Requirements (for example: GPA requirements, membership fees)

Article II: Membership Section 1: The officers of the CALSSA, chair and secretary of the RSO Delegates Council and Student Council as well as other members designated by the RSO Delegates Council shall constitute the Executive Council who shall transact routine business during the time between meetings. Section 2: Officers of the CALSSA shall consist of President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Wisconsin Agricultural and Life Sciences Alumni Association (WALSAA) Board of Directors Student Representative Council Liaison Public Relations Officer Shared Governance Director RSO Delegates Council Chair RSO Delegates Council Secretary Student Council Chair Student Council Secretary The Dean of CALS Undergraduate Programs and Services or his/her representative and other elected faculty members shall act as advisors. Advisors shall be elected every three years. Section 3: Reasonable criteria for each office Clause 1: All officers shall prove to have a cumulative 2.5 GPA the previous semester during their term in office. Clause 2: The president shall have the following preferred qualifications: shall have served in a previous executive position on a registered student organization or similar experience; and shall have previously served CALSSA for one year as either a elected representative, officer, or appointed representative. Clause 3: The vice president shall preferrably served in a previous executive position on a registered student organization or similar experience. Clause 4: The secretary shall have the following preferred qualifications; shall have demonstrated experience using relevant computer applications; and shall have previous experience in managing events and services. Clause 5: The treasurer shall have the preferred qualification of previous experience in managing budgets and allocating funds. Clause 6: The WALSAA Board of Directors student representative shall have preferred experienced with alumni events. Clause 7: The council liaison shall have the following preferred qualifications; shall have previous experience serving on a CALSSA committee or CALSSA council representative; and is encouraged to have previous experience on ASM shared governance. Clause 8: The public relations officer shall preferably worked with digital social media. Clause 9: The shared governance director shall have the following preferred qualifications; shall have previously served on a CALS shared governance committee; and shall have previously served in a leadership position on CALSSA or CALS affiliated student organization; and shall have experience working with ASM shared governance policy directors; and shall have experience working with CALS administration. Section 4: The term of each office shall be one year from April. 1. to May. 1. Section 5: In case of vacancy of the President's office, the Vice President shall assume the duties of the President. In case of a vacancy of any other office, an appointment may be made by the Executive Council to fill the vacancy until the next scheduled officer elections. The appointment will be presumed valid until majority vote of RSO Delegates Council to either approve or reject the appointment.

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UW-Madison College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

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