Parent Organization: University of Wisconsin - Madison

Club Wrestlingat UW-Madison is designed to give students the chance to continue to or learn to wrestle during their college years. The club caters to those of all skill levels with a combination of structured and informal practices every week. Wrestlers can enjoy friendly competition with their peers in an open learning environment.

The club travels, competes in open tournaments, and plans dual meets with other college teams. The official technique of the club is folkstyle (collegiate) however Greco-Roman and Freestyle wrestlers are more than welcome to participate.

There are no summer sessions. Official Practice Times for Fall 2013 will be announced:

A lifelong dedication to giving back to our community is important to the club. Members will be encouraged to participate in a team service event for about one hour for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Feel free to email one of our contacts below with any questions:


2013-2014 Club Contacts

President: Caynen Klessig (

Vice Presidents: Randy Clemens ( and Tad Hawley (

Team Captains: Mark Hendricks, Michael Heard (, Jason Ebben (

Safety Contact 1: Caynen Klessig

Safety Contact 2: Open

Marketing / Event Coordinator: Randy Clemens

Recruitment / Outreach: Michael Heard

Communications/ Event Coordinator: Jason Ebben

Student Advisors: Zac Zinda, Jeff Lin (


Spring 2013 Updates

Club Wrestling at UW-Madison has grown significantly this year. Membership has increased by 500% and has managed to put together two competition teams this past fall, representing the university well regionally.

The organization is working to invest in the necessary equipment to support its growth:

1. An NCAA competition mat.

2. Complete set of competition singlets.

The club is seeking support from businesses, friends, families, alumni, and its current members to help raise funds so that it can continue to provide an excellent service to UW-Madison.

Businesses interested in contributing to a competitve sports team will be well represented.


Per the decision of the Sport Club Executive Board, Club Wrestling at UW-Madison has been allocated a budget of $1650.00 for use during the 2013-2014 academic year. This is the first year that a wrestling club is funded by UW-Madison.


Captain Zac Zinda will be cycling over 4000 miles to support the fight against cancer this summer. His team is proud of his hard work and charity.  

Please visit his page at


2012-2013 Competition Team

125 - Nicholas Olsen

135 - Jason Ebben  

149 - Andrew Tack

157 - Tad Hawley , Jeff Lin

165 - Randy Clemens , Caynen Klessig

171 - Caynen Klessig

197 - Mike Heard

Photographer, Graphic Designer  - Meryl Sell

Team Captain - Zac Zinda

Additional Information

Membership Requirements (for example GPA requirements, membership fees)

To be a member of the Wrestling Club, you must: *Be a student, faculty, or staff member at UW-Madison *Carry health insurance, either through UW-SHIP or an outside carrier *Fill out and hand in the Waiver and Consent Form *Pay the semester dues (if applicable)

If you have Local, National, or International Affiliation, please list your parent organization here (e.g., Habitat for Humanity (UW-Madison Chapter) would list that they are an affiliate of Dane County Habitat for Humanity).

If you do not have any affiliation to a larger organization, type N/A.

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