Parent Organization: University of Wisconsin - Madison

Jewop is UW-Madison's premiere and ONLY Jewish A Cappella group! By embracing a plethora of cultural perspectives, Jewop is able to encompass all aspects of Judaism in fun and entertaining ways! Jewop performs traditional Jewish repertoire, pop music that has been written by Jewish artists (such as Adam Lavigne or P!nk), and parodies of songs that include Jewish cultural references. Ultimately, our goal is to gather people, Jewish and not, to preserve and celebrate all types of Jewish music and have fun while doing it!

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Must be a UW Madison or MATC enrolled student, or a first-year graduate student. In auditions, please be prepared to sight read new music as well as showcase your vocal range by performing a song of your choosing. If taken as a new member of Jewop, you will have mandatory rehearsals twice a week and a mandatory sectional with your voice part once a week.

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Address 611 Langdon st.
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