Parent Organization: University of Wisconsin - Madison

LUG, short for Linux User Group, is a type of organization formed with interest in using Linux, or Linux-based operating systems. LUGs are found virtually everywhere around the globe, with exceptionally significant involvement from universities.

A Linux User Group have no other goal than to form an interest group for those with interest in using Linux for all kinds of computing tasks on their devices - from trying Linux for the first time, to joining the development effort of the Linux Kernel and Linux applications (consists mainly of free and open source software projects); from helping each other with installing or performing certain tasks on Linux, to creating a new Linux distribution with one's friends.

Linux - like most of the software that runs on it - respects user's freedom with changing, improving, and redistributing software. Such system of development embraces reasoning and proper handling of code/usage issues. Users of Linux know how their system and computer works and are capable of making the best use out of what they have - likewise - Developers using Linux know their biggest enemy is security by obscurity, unnecessary software patents, and they are capable of improving each other's life with new software creations with source code available to all for reading, changing, and reusing.

Our hope with this student organization is to extend such a way of usage and development to their ways of pushing their academic work forward, and to aid students with academic needs with computing devices to gain higher level skills - that is - to take control over their computer with their own knowledge.

This organization is open to all those interested, and does not have requirements on academic works. However, we do prohibit any form of political activities during meetings of LUG@WISC, and such activities affiliated with this organization.

Membership Requirements (for example: GPA requirements, membership fees)

No requirements on academic works, no membership fees applied. Must read description of LUG@WISC.

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