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Monday, May 1 2017, 12:00 PM to 11:45 PM
3 Days until this Event

Join Bucky’s best BACKSTAGE!

 Who? Sound engineers…stage managers….lighting designers needed, no matter what your major!

 Why?  Our campus’s only opportunity to work with a touring Broadway-caliber entertainment production along with other full time UW students

 Where? Rehearsals on campus and then touring to theaters around the state

 Apply for 2017-2018 season– OUR 50TH ANNIVERSARY YEAR!

 When? Send cover letter and theater tech resumé By May 1 to techs@wisconsinsingers.com

608.263.9449 or 608.609.1303 for more info

What’s the big deal about WI Singers?

  • Full production including multiple wireless mics, monitor system, 48 channel digital board, moving lights/par cans, equipment management/props/costumes
  • 50 years of touring experience as representatives of our great campus
  • UW class credit AND scholarship $$ available

Interested in backstage work? Love being a Badger? WISCONSIN SINGERS TECH TEAM WELCOMES YOU!

Humanities Building

455 N. Park St. 1320 Humanities, Madison, WI
Event Category:

Theatre Performance