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Aa Dekhen Zara Entertainment (ADZ)

Aa Dekhen Zara Entertainment is a campus-wide Executive Board that hosts a Midwest, Southasian Charity Dance Competition each year called “Aa Dekhen Zara.” The Executive Board is involved in the entire process of organizing and running the competition.

Acacia Fraternity - Lamedth Chapter (Acacia)

Acacia is a social fraternity dedicated to our motto, Human Service. We aim to prepare our members to be tomorrow's leaders and focus strongly on one of our key pillars, Brotherhood. Six letters, six meanings, one word, one choice, Acacia Fraternity.

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy Student Chapter at UW Madison (AMCP)

AMCP is a national, professional organization of pharmacists and heath care providers. The UW Madison student chapter aims to provide pharmacy students the opportunity to learn from and network with practicing managed care pharmacists.

Accessible Reproductive Healthcare Initiative (ARHI)

Accessible Reproductive Healthcare Initiative (ARHI) is a student-founded and lead nonprofit that seeks to provide essential reproductive and menstrual resources to low-income/ disadvantaged women and families in the city of Madison.

ActsTwo42 UW-Madison Chapter (2:42)

We are reconciling students to Christ and creating a culturally diverse community of students who live a relational, spirit empowered authentic life as evidenced through loving God and loving others.

Actuarial Club, UW-Madison (Act Sci Club)

The Actuarial Club is a student-run organization for those interested or majoring in actuarial science.

Adopt a Grandparent Organization (AGO)

Adopt a Grandparent is an organization that matches a student and nursing home patient that has little contact with family or friends. By participating in activities and socialization, we hope to create a meaningful relationship and a happy lifestyle!

Adult Role Models in Science (ARMS)

ARMS members work to transform science education for local children. We welcome engaged students with a range of interests looking to develop leadership skills, participate in community service, make an impact on the next generation, and have fun!

Adventure Learning Programs (ALPs)

ALPs challenges people through adventure-based learning to discover themselves and understand those around them.

Advertising Club (Mad Ad Club)

The Advertising Club is registered student organization (RSO) affiliated with the American Advertising Federation (AAF). We are the ticket to scholarships, internships, jobs and networking events that no other group or class at UW-Madison can offer.

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