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Aikido Club

Aikido is a martial art that stresses non-violent resolution of conflict and a commitment to self-improvement through Aikido training. All are welcome. Aikido can be practiced by both men and women of any age and any size.

Albanian American Student Organization (AASO)

Give access, first hand to learning about the Albanian culture, language, and opportunity to establish friendships. The org is committed to giving back to the Albanian and non-Albanian community through community outreach, tutoring, and community service

Alexander Hamilton Society UW-Madison Chapter (AHS)

Alexander Hamilton Society (AHS) is an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting constructive debate on basic principles and contemporary issues in foreign, economic, and national security policy.

Algorithmic Trading Club (ATC)

The purpose of The Algorithmic Trading Club is to educate members and engage in activities related to trading derivative securities effectively and profitably through relevant research and algorithmic technology.

All Seeing Eyes (ASE)

All Seeing Eyes is founded with the purpose of helping fellow college students experience self-discovery, self-betterment, and gain perspectives on life through the eyes of one another through community service, weekly meetings, and social events.

Allergy and Immunology Interest Group (AIIG)

The Allergy and Immunology Interest Group (AIIG) offers opportunities for students to learn and explore the medical subspecialty of Allergy and Immunology and to develop knowledge and skills to be leaders in the area.

Allied United for Health (AUH)

Allied United for Health (AUH) is a student organization devoted to health education and outreach programming for both adults and children of the Allied Drive Community.


Alpenglow is a laid-back student organization founded for those who have an appreciation for the beauty of nature, love to explore new places, hike, camp, and capture awesome moments (with any sort of camera, preferably a GoPro).

Alpha Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma (AXΣ)

A professional coed chemistry fraternity established right here at UW Madison in 1902.

Alpha Chi Omega - Kappa Chapter (AXO)

To develop, establish, foster, and maintain sisterhood; to provide an enjoyable learning environment; and to participate in service and social activities. This chapter is a member of the UW-Madison fraternity & sorority community.