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b.Line Wisconsin School of Business Magazine

b.Line magazine is a Wisconsin School of Business publication written by and for undergraduate and graduate students.

Babcock House

Babcock House is a student-led cooperative, that offers students affordable housing while developing the friendships essential to the college experience. Babcock House has positive, strong relationships with many faculty members, alumni and UW students.

Badger Acts of Kindness (BAK)

Badger Acts of Kindness is an organization committed to spreading kindness throughout the UW-Madison campus and its community. Members believe in selfless acts and the power they possess to make someone's day.

Badger Aviators (BA)

Founded in 2009, Badger Aviators aims to introduce the UW community to the joys of flying and potentials of aviation. The organization plans fly-outs and social events for participants to connect with other pilots and non-pilots alike.

Badger Ballroom Dance Team (BBDT)

BBDT is a student organization dedicated to the advancement of dancesport on campus and in the community. Visit our website for more info:

Badger Barbell Club (BBC)

Badger Barbell Club is a community of people looking to help achieve personal or competitive fitness and nutrition goals through shared knowledge and aiding one another in a comfortable, open atmosphere.

Badger Battalion U.S. Army ROTC (Badger Battalion)

The goal of Badger Battalion Army ROTC is to introduce interested Cadets to the lifestyle of an Army Officer. Badger Battalion seeks to enhance leadership development through volunteer opportunities, field training, and activities that build camaraderie.

Badger Blockchain (BB)

The Badger Blockchain club seeks to provide a forum for students to engage with Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. We believe Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize global finance and internet transactions.

Badger Brewing Association

The Badger Brewing Association will bring together students of different disciplines and give its members practical, professional experience in the art, science, and business of beer brewing.

Badger Broadcast Television (BBTV)

BBTV is a student-run organization that creates newscasts that are published online. Students can write, shoot, edit and direct their own segments and gain experience with new technology while enhancing their communication skills.

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