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CALS Health and Research Society (CHARS)

CHARS is a great resource for those intending to pursue a career in research and/or healthcare. Our meetings and events allow undergraduates to network with other students as well as supplement their academic experiences with pre-professional development

Calvary Lutheran Student Fellowship (CLSF)

This organization focuses on growing closer to Christ by means of forming genuine friendships, lively social gatherings, and studying God's Word. We are a Christian organization who invites people with all beliefs to join in the dialogue.

Camp Kesem, UW-Madison Chapter (Camp Kesem UW-Madison)

Camp Kesem UW-Madison is a national community, driven by passionate college student leaders, supporting children through and beyond their parent's cancer.

Campus Cursive, UW-Madison Chapter (Campus Cursive UW-Madison)

The mission of Campus Cursive UW-Madison is to empower and uplift the UW Madison community through tangible acts of love.

Campus Kitchens Project: UW-Madison (CKP)

The Campus Kitchens Project of UW-Madison is working to diminish poverty in the community through food recovery, job training, and other community outreach. We primarily recover, repurpose, and redistribute food form university dining halls.

Campus Women's Center (CWC)

The Campus Women's Center is a student-run organization that is staffed by a collective of 7 coordinators and many dedicated interns and volunteers. We provide a safe and welcoming space for students of all genders and identities.

Cardiac On Campus

Cardiac On Campus works to promote the importance of heart health along side the American Heart Association of Madison. This club offers volunteering, networking and shadowing opportunities to prepare members for health careers

Caring for Camo (CFC)

Caring for Camo is a Student Organization dedicated to helping currently deployed US Troops by sending Letters and Care Packages. We want them to know we care about them, and give them reminders of home. Be a Hero For a Hero.

Caroling Club of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Caroling Club)

Perform religious and secular music in the celebration of the winter season in the spirit of community service. All religions and beliefs welcome! No audition required.

Catalysts for Science Policy (CaSP)

Catalysts for Science Policy (CaSP) has three main goals: Educate graduate students about science policy, increase graduate student participation in Science Policy issues, and communicate important science issues to non-scientists (outreach).

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