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Earthquake Engineering Research Institute EERI Student Chapter (EERI)

Graduate Student Organization that will try to do seminars related to Earthquake Engineering. Also we will start the earthquake resistant building competition for undergrads in UW Madison.

East Asia Graduate Student Association (Benky┼Źkai)

The East Asia Graduate Student Association serves as a forum for graduate students to share and receive feedback on research projects. The group also sponsors a lecture series, which features experts on East Asian history, literature, and other subjects.

East Asian Cultural Exchange (EACE)

East Asian cultures exchange (EACE) provides students interested in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and American cultures a platform to help one another learn about each other, all while improving language skills through valuable discussion.

Ebola Survivor Corps, UW Madison Chapter (ESC)

Ebola Survivor Corps a non-profit. The student organization will promote the mission and goals of ESC. There will be three main tasks for the student organization; fundraise for the nonprofit, promote awareness of ESC, and help with tasks for ESC.

Economics Masters Student Association (EMSA)

EMSA is a student organization focused on career development and networking opportunities for students working towards an advanced degree in Economics at UW-Madison.

Economics Student Association (ESA)

ESA is the bridge connecting undergraduate economics majors with professionals, academics, and other students with similar interests! ESA creates social contracts, provides academic support, presents speakers, and sponsors networking trips.

Effective Altruism, UW (EA-UW)

Effective Altruism is a philosophy and growing social movement that applies evidence and reason to determine the most effective ways to improve the world. In short, effective altruism is about combining heart and mind to do the most good possible.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student Association (ECE-GSA)

We are the ECE Graduate Student Association (GSA), an organization aimed at fostering an environment to promote the exchange of ideas and social networking.

Electronic Music Production, UW-Madison (E.M.P.)

The mission of this organization is to allow its members to learn from one another in a both professional and creative environment. Members will have the opportunity to learn new innovative production techniques that are used in modern music genres.

Elizabeth Waters Hall Association (EWHA)

Hall Association of Liz Waters, get together and plan events within the hall to promote the four pillars of housing.

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