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Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter at University of Wisconsin-Madison (Habitat-UW Chapter)

To inform people about affordable housing, diminish poverty housing, & help make it a reality in all communities. We take students on domestic & international break trips, fundraise & build one home in the Madison community annually, & host weekly builds

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand is a student organization dedicated to giving back to the Madison community. Students can participate in countless of volunteer opportunities with local food pantries, churches, shelters, and other organizations in the area.

Happiness Initiative

Happiness Initiative will strive to put smiles on the faces of everyone in the community, aggregate and compile research on happiness and related topics for discussion and application, and come up with many fun and unusual events to spread some cheer.

Harvest Fellowship (HCF)

Harvest fellowship seeks to unite students with a passion to learn about Christ.

Health Care Interest Club (HCIC)

The club takes a holistic approach to the world of healthcare, looking at everything from hospital operations to the policy framework in which services are provided.

Health Care Quality Improvement & Innovation Interest Group (QI3G)

QI3G seeks to empower its members with the tools to confidently improve healthcare in the context of a rapidly changing environment.

Health Law Student Association (HLSA)

HLSA provides resources, networking opportunities, and a forum to discuss legal issues for students interested in health and public health law.

Health Occupations Students of America - UW Madison (HOSA)

HOSA UW "creates the health-care leaders of tomorrow." We strive to provide cutting edge resources, explore careers in the health sciences, and enhance opportunities for knowledge, skill, and leadership development for all undergraduate students.

Health Professions Society (HPS)

HPS is an organization of students who have come together because they share an interest in medicine. Health professionals attend our meetings to share insight on their specific field and we also volunteer our time to non-profit organizations in Madison.


Helios is a student org that works on one campus building every year to make it run on renewable energy. The purpose of the organization is to get students more involved in the process of making the UW Madison campus more renewable.

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