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Iceberg Improv

To teach long-form improv to students. To provide a safe-space for students to express themselves through comedy. To provide entertainment for students and community members.

Ideas on Trial (IOT)

Ideas on Trial is committed to fostering intelligent debate on issues pertaining to students at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice (Wisconsin Law) (If/When/How)

We are part of a national network of law students and legal professionals that collaborate to ensure that all people have the rights and abilities to choose if, when, and how, they choose to create and sustain a family.

Inayan System III UW Madison Eskrima (IS3 UW)

An on-campus group dedicated to training in the Inayan System III styles of the Filipino martial art Eskrima as originally taught by Mangisursuro Mike Inay.

India Students Association (ISA)

The India Students Association (ISA) is a student organization on campus that promotes South Asian culture and heritage. There are a variety of educational and fun events throughout the year and all are welcome to participate.

Indonesian Student Association, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Permias Madison)

A means of kinship and solidarity within the Indonesian community as well as a cultural agent of Indonesia, particularly in Madison, and the United States in general.

Industry Pharmacists Organization (IPhO) UW-Madison Student Chapter (IPhO)

IPhO Student Chapters are dedicated to enhancing student pharmacist’s understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and the roles pharmacists can undertake.

Insight Wisconsin

Members engage in real-world innovative projects (both client-based and original idea-based) to develop meaningful and professional design experience, while working in diverse teams and cultivating a passionate learning environment.

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS): University of Wisconsin - Madison Chapter (INFORMS Student chapter)

The student chapter of INFORMS at the Operations Research is an association for students to engage with each others and share the knowledge of experience, research in, operations research.

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, UW-Madison Student Chapter (IEEE)

IEEE is a comprehensive professional and social networking student organization for those interested in the fields of electronics and computer sciences. Please visit us at our website:

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