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Jail Library Group (JLG)

The Jail Library Group is an organization, founded in 1992, that provides educational, recreational, and community resource reading materials to residents of two Dane County jail facilities located in downtown Madison.

Japanese Karate Club - UW Madison (MJKC(Madison Japanese Karate Club))

We practice Shotokan Karate, the traditional form of Karate which originates from Okinawa, Japan. At practices, we learn kihon (techniques), kata (forms), and kumite (sparing). We also compete in university tournaments and attend seminars.

Jewish Experience of Madison (JEM)

JEM’s goal is to heighten Jewish identity though hands-on educational experiences that respect all Jews, regardless of prior knowledge or observance level. Our student center is located at 233 Langdon St, Madison

Jewop A Cappella (Jewop)

Jewop exists for students from all religious backgrounds to come together and sing in an a cappella ensemble. We celebrate Jewish music by singing songs in English, Hebrew and occasionally Yiddish. All voice parts welcome!

Joint Venture Club (JVC)

The Joint Venture Club (JVC) was created to provide a venue for the families of the University of Wisconsin School of Business MBAs to network and get involved in the University and in the Madison area as a whole.

Journal of Undergraduate International Studies (JUIS)

Our peer-reviewed journal seeks to publish the best undergraduate work across the country related to international themes and topics. For Madison students, we provide an opportunity to navigate the process of editing and publishing a journal.

Journal of Undergraduate Science and Technology (JUST)

The Journal of Undergraduate Science and Technology (JUST) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a bi-annual research journal written and administered by undergraduates with the help of faculty, staff, and graduate advisers.

Jujitsu Club (JC)

The Jujitsu club at the UW-Madison currently focuses on instruction in Waboku Jujitsu and related martial arts.