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Paleontology Club (PaleoClub)

Paleoclub is an organization for students who are interested in fossils, evolution, and prehistoric life.

Palliative Care Student Interest Group (PalliSIG)

A medical student interest group that seeks to raise awareness of palliative care and provide related resources and activities to the student body.

Panhellenic Association (PHA)

The Panhellenic Association (PHA) is the governing body for the 12 National Panhellenic Conference women’s sororities, as well as 3 associate women’s sororities at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Partners In Health | Engage, UW-Madison Chapter (PIH | Engage)

Partners In Health is a global movement working to advance the right to health in community settings through funding, advocacy, and education campaigns.

Pathology Interest Group (PathIG)

The Pathology Interest Group is a medical student interest group focused on expanding awareness of the diverse career opportunities in the field of pathology.

Patriot Project at UW-Madison (Patriot Project)

This organization aspires to raise funds and awareness for wounded veterans. 100% of all profits go to the Wounded Warrior Project and Pat Tillman Foundation. If you support our wounded veterans, this is the organization for you!

Peace Corps Ambassadors - UW-Madison (Peace Corps)

A social group of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, Peace Corps Applicants, Peace Corps Campus Ambassadors, and people considering the Peace Corps.

Pediatric Interest Group (PIG)

Pediatric Interest Group (PIG) is a UWSMPH student organization for medical students interested in the field of pediatrics.

Peer Learning Association - UW Madison (PLA)

PLA establishes and runs free small group study sessions led by Peer Facilitators. If you are interested in joining a peer learning group in Bio 151/3, 152; Chem 104, 343, 345; Psych 202; or Physics 104 please contact us. Thank you!

Persian Student Society, University of Wisconsin (PSS-UW-Madison)

PSS is both a social and cultural organization with the following purposes: -To provide a common environment for members and prospective members to meet people with similar backgrounds -To promote Persian culture and traditions by organizing events.

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