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Saaz is an Indian music group based in UW Madison that plays classical, folk and contemporary Indian music. The group is very open and collaborative in nature, and sees a constant flux of artists and musical styles.

Saddle and Sirloin (S&S)

Promote the improvement and increase the interest among students of Animal Science and to bring about closer relationships among men and women pursuing some phase of Animal Science as a profession.

SAE Baja Team, UW-Madison (Madtown Baja)

The SAE Baja Team's purpose is to provide students with hands-on experience and apply what they have learned to real-world problem solving situations. This is accomplished by designing and building a prototype single seat, off road vehicle.

SAE Clean Snowmobile Team- IC & ZE (Clean Snowmobile)

The SAE Clean Snowmobile team designs, builds and competes in the internal combustion and zero-emissions classes of the Clean Snowmobile Challenge, an event set up by the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Saint Francis House (SFH)

Saint Francis House is a group of students committed to exploring our faith in God, and how that faith informs our opinions and guides our lives. We are affiliated with the Episcopal Church and are a mission of the Diocese of Milwaukee.

Sales and Executive Leadership (SEL)

SEL is a the premier sales and entrepeneurial leadership organization within the business school. Our organization prides itself on connecting students within the University, while paving the way for future employment.

Saudi Student Association (SSA)

Our goal is to help Saudi students enrich their campus experience, and share the Saudi culture by creating an atmosphere in our community to let students learn about and experience the colorfulness of the Saudi culture.

Saying Theatre

Saying Theatre has been presenting and promoting Chinese culture, especially theater arts, ever since its foundation in 2015. The organization aims to produce at least one drama production every year.

School of Education Student Ambassadors (SoE Student Ambassadors)

The SoE Student Ambassadors are a volunteer group of students who support the School’s development and stewardship efforts, and who educate and excite other SoE students on the importance of philanthropy to the school's continued success.

School of Pharmacy Student Senate (SOP Student Senate)

The School of Pharmacy Student Senate serves as a liaison and facilitates exchange of ideas and information between students, organizations and faculty. The senate also coordinates all-school social and professional events.

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