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Unbottle Madison (UM)

Unbottle Madison has the specific goal of raising awareness of the effects that bottled water usage has on our environment.

Under A-Rest A Cappella (UAR)

Despite the name, Under A-Rest is a safe and community-minded acappella group! Its members learn how to be true a cappella singers, but more importantly, it’s members learn how to be strong, society-leading, well-rounded, and team oriented students.

Undergraduate Advocacy for Human Rights, UW-Madison (UAHR)

We aim to uplift social and cultural awareness about international and domestic human rights issues through a multiplicity of workshops, seminars, research opportunities, coursework and discussion.

Undergraduate Composers at UW-Madison (UCUW)

An organization for undergraduates who are interested in music composition to come together, share compositions, explore topics of interest relating to music composition, and enjoy Madison's musical life with other classical music enthusiasts.

Undergraduate Entomology Society (Undergrad Ent Society)

We are a club comprised of people interested in entomology. We go on field trips, watch entomology-related films, hear guest speakers, and throw culinary events, among other activities.

Undergraduate Genetics Association (UGA)

The Undergraduate Genetics Association (UGA) provides students with academic, professional, and social opportunities within the genetics field. UGA promotes networking and peer mentoring, fosters academic excellence, and enhances interest in research.

Undergraduate GeoClub (GeoClub)

This is the Undergraduate GeoClub. We are a group of students who love to be outdoors and are passionate about Earth Sciences. Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings, field trips, and social events where good company and good times await.

Undergraduate Neuroscience Society (UNS)

The purpose of UNS is to expand the amount of interest and knowledge about the neurological sciences in a fun, rewarding, and informal group setting. All majors welcome!

Undergraduate Political Theory Association (UPTA)

In affiliation with the Department of Political Science, UPTA strives to be a vibrant intellectual group for all students who are interested in political theory.

Undergraduate Rural Medicine Association (URMA)

Undergraduate Rural Medicine Association (URMA) provides students with a better understanding of rural and underserved medicine. The association advocates for an increase in health care providers among these populations.

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