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Biomedical Engineering Society, UW-Madison Chapter (BMES, UW-Madison Chapter)

Email be added to email list! BMES promotes the increase of biomedical engineering knowledge and its utilization by encouraging students who are interested in the application of science and engineering principles to medicine.

CMA EDU, UW Madison Chapter

CMA EDU is a campus-based program that allows students to explore the world of music, and the industry that supports it, through regularly scheduled meetings, marketing projects, volunteer opportunities and social media management.

Diversity in Business (DIB)

The Diversity in Business club intends to shape Graduate Student Business Professionals towards building diverse and inclusive business environments by creating well rounded, socially and culturally conscious leaders of Tomorrow.

English Department Graduate Student Association (English GSA)

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a body of students from all five areas of the UW-Madison English department: Literary Studies, Composition and Rhetoric, English Language and Linguistics, Creative Writing, and Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies.

Global Health Coalition (GHC)

In partnership with the Global Health Institute, the Global Health Coalition is a network of registered student organizations advancing collaborative advocacy on campus and supporting the professional and personal growth of student leaders.

Graduate Business Association (GBA)

Visit: -- The Graduate Business Association (GBA) serves as the umbrella organization for MBA students at the Wisconsin School of Business, representing the student body as a liaison to the Office of the Dean, faculty, staff, alu

History of Science, Medicine, and Technology Graduate Council (GradCouncil)

The History of Science, Medicine, and Technology Graduate Council serves to enrich the intellectual life of the UW by bringing together STEM fields and the humanities across campus through seminars, conferences, classes, and informal meetups.

Industry Pharmacists Organization (IPhO) UW-Madison Student Chapter (IPhO)

IPhO Student Chapters are dedicated to enhancing student pharmacist’s understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and the roles pharmacists can undertake.

Interfraternity Council (IFC)

The Interfraternity Council serves as an Executive Board for the majority of fraternities on campus. We strive to promote Greek life, while keeping an organized structure for chapters to communicate and work together.

Medical Student Association (MSA)

The Medical Student Association (MSA) is the student government body representing the interests of all enrolled medical students at the University of Wisconsin Medical School.

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