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Veterans, Educators, and Traditional Students (VETS)

VETS is a coalition of student veterans, faculty, traditional students, and focused on educating the campus about military culture and veterans issues; and fostering a community of student veterans focused on transition from service and academic success.

Veterinary Medical Outreach Organization (VMOO)

The Veterinary Medical Outreach Organization (VMOO) bridges the School of Veterinary Medicine and the community through educational outreach and enrichment programs.

Veterinary Pathology Club (Path Club)

Dedicated to stimulating interest in the field of veterinary pathology - both clinical and anatomical. Provides further educational resources for students through lectures, wet-labs, rounds, and case studies.

Veterinary Student Public & Global Health Interest Group (PGHIG)

PGHIG provides interested students with information about opportunities for veterinarians in public and global health as well as opportunities for students hoping to gain more experience in the field.

Veterinary Students as One In Culture and Ethnicity, Wisconsin Chapter (V.O.I.C.E)

VOICE, or Veterinary Students as One in Culture and Ethnicity, is part of a national movement to give veterinary students appreciation for people of all cultures and backgrounds.

VIDA! - Volunteers for Intercultural and Definitive Adventures UW-Madison (VIDA)

VIDA is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that provides free basic medical, dental, and veterinary assistance to needy communities in Central America while offering volunteers from around the world hands-on, eye-opening, mind-enriching experiences.

Vietnam Health Project (VHP)

Vietnam Health Project is a nonprofit organization that mobilizes students to provide aid to underserved communities in Vietnam by volunteering locally and internationally.

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)

This organization is designed to bring together students who are Vietnamese or simply interested in the Vietnamese culture and would like to be more involved with the community. Its mission is to develop young leaders in the Vietnamese American community

Village Health Project Association (VHP)

Village Health Project is a group aimed at providing clean water and improved health to our partner communities in Uganda. We work on projects such as rain water tanks, school buildings, latrines (and more) alongside our partners.

Visual Cultures Student Focus Group (VCSFG)

Visual Cultures Student Focus Group meets regularly to discuss current literature in the field of visual cultures studies, review each others' work, and collaborate on scholarly projects and events.