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Wargaming Club (UW-Madison)

The Wargaming Club of UW-Madison aims to provide a friendly atmosphere for both veteran wargamers and those interested in starting the hobby to come together to: discuss the hobby, coordinate games, host tournaments, and help newcomers.

Wealth Management Group (WMG)

The Wealth Management Group at the University of Wisconsin - Madison is a community composed of students with an interest in wealth management who gather to participate in discussion sessions and speaker events.

We're Better Than That - Men Against Sexual Assault (MASA)

This organization will educate and engage the male student population to first recognize the issue of sexual violence as a humanitarian issue, to further acknowledge the role of men in this issue, and ultimately to shape men as ambassadors in the call to

Whovian Association of UW Madison, The

We are group of people with a shared interest in the long-running British television series Doctor Who.

Wilderness Medicine Interest Group (WMIG)

The Wilderness Medicine Interest Group is an organization dedicated to the union of medicine and outdoor adventure.

Wildlife Disease Association - UW Student Chapter (WiscWDA)

Increase awareness of the health and diseases of wild animals in relation to their biology, conservation and ecology, among current and future wildlife health ambassadors.

Wisco High Five Crew (WHFC)

The Wisco High Five Crew is a student organized "pep squad" who strive to motivate and uplift the campus environment through spirited high-fiving. The club offers volunteer opportunities as well as community involvement.

Wisconsin Alpine Ski Team

We are a group of skiers and snowboarders who compete in the collegiate ski league here in the mid-west. We practice twice a week and have 6 races in January and February. Our team goal is to make it to Nationals again!

Wisconsin Alumni Student Board (WASB)

WASB is a group of 65 students who come together to connect Badgers past, present and future.

Wisconsin Aquatic Animal Medicine Club (WAAM)

Our mission is to expose veterinary medical students to the aquatic medical field through lectures and hands on experience. This will include freshwater and marine species from invertebrates to mammals.

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